Reboot is an event series and newsletter that convenes book-lovers, writers, and technologists to imagine the future of tech, humanity, and power. We believe that technology must be analyzed in context with the institutions and ideologies it was borne from.

To this end, we host author events alongside a weekly newsletter featuring book reviews, short essays, and a link roundup. Think Silicon Valley meets The Paris Review meets 21st century attention spans.

Reboot is looking for a Growth and Community Lead. Apply below:

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We're looking for the Growth/Community Lead to commit 5-8 hours a week through June 2021. The main objectives are growing our Substack and Twitter audience, forging cross-community partnerships, and pioneering new events/programs for community members.

This is an unpaid role—Reboot doesn't make money!—but it's an opportunity to contribute to a mission we believe is sorely needed. This is also age- and location-agnostic: I'm looking for someone who is community-minded, action-oriented, and passionate about tech and media.

about reboot

You can learn more about Reboot and our current goals below:

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Questions? Shoot me an email at [email protected] with "Reboot" in the subject, or send a Twitter DM to @jasminewsun.